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Warrant Officer Ahira Kasamoto

Name Ahira Soren Kasamoto

Position Captain's Bodyguard

Rank Warrant Officer

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Half Terran(Eurasian)/Half Romulan
Birthplace Darius 5
Birthdate (Month, Day, Year) Nov 22, 2343
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Weight 165
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Golden
Physical Description Ahira’s mixed heritage gives him something of an exotic look. On his father’s side, he is Eurasian which gives him a darker complexion and hair that falls halfway between brown and black.

Perhaps the most striking part of his appearance is his golden, almond-shaped, eyes. They contrast with his dark features and help make him stand out as different looking. His ears aren’t as sharply pointed as a full Romulan, but they do give away his alien heritage, which is why he wears his hair long enough to cover them. The typical prominent Romulan brow only becomes visible when he is especially tired or when his emotions get the best of him.

It’s clear he takes care of himself, but he isn't going to be mistaken for a weightlifter or a bodybuilder. He has a lithe, sinewy build with tightly corded, but not overly defined, muscles. He’s on the shorter side at just five-eight and barely tips the scales at a hundred and sixty-five pounds. But, he has almost no body fat.

Like his mother, he has copper-based blood. His bone structure and musculature he also inherited from her, but his internal organs are located where a human's should be.

He has a tattoo of a sun with the Romulan symbol for mnekha or excellence and superiority, on the back of his neck and he has a scar just under his right lung, where his heart would be if his anatomy were Romulan. He’s not embarrassed by the scar and it doesn’t stop him from going shirtless when the occasion calls for it.

He’s not overly concerned with fashion, in fact, he doesn’t usually like to draw attention to himself. However, he can wear trendy or more upscale clothing if he needs it when the occasion calls for it. Still, he prefers comfort over making a statement. He prefers darker colors, especially grey and black. He walks with smoothness and fluidity.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Isamu Kasamoto 55
Mother Niritha Kasamoto 57
Brother(s) Jen Kasamoto 32
Sister(s) None
Other Family Since the “Family” is a communal group, it goes beyond the traditional definition of family on multiple levels. So, he has a score of “brothers and sisters”, but only one biological one.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Ahira has not had an easy life and there would be no one who would consider his childhood to be normal. Isamu and Niritha were his biological parents, but they were hardly nurturing or caring. His extended family was made up of thieves and conmen like his parents, so he grew up with a skewed sense of right and wrong. His heroes were not the Imperial Starfleet heroes of the past or present, but criminals from a number of different planets.

It was his friends he made outside the Family that kept him sane and gave him some semblance of a moral compass. But even that modest level of stability was taken from him when his mother killed his boyfriend and lover and then threw him out to fend for himself when he was fifteen.

To survive he had to do things he would never admit to anyone. Things that still haunt him and give him nightmares. Things that hardened him, gave him trust issues, and created a dark side that he keeps hidden. He’s still a natural extrovert and is usually able to talk his way out of precarious situations. He has been hurt in relationships in the past and has difficulties with intimacy.
Strengths & Weaknesses Once Ahira sets his mind to something, he will not back down or give up. He will see through to the end. He is determined and driven. The flip side to that is that his determination can quickly turn into stubbornness.

Ahira respects the chain of command and is loyal to the Empire, but is a mercenary, or rogue at heart and can be more interested in what's good for him and his advancement rather than what's good for the Empire.

He is a skilled, unarmed martial artist, and very good with a rifle, but is only fair with hand phasers.

Before attending the Imperial Starfleet Academy, Ahira had picked up some skills in overriding security systems, some basic navigational skills, and enough medical training to be a trauma medic.

He's intuitive and good at reading facial expressions, body language, and other social cues, but struggles with analytics and hard sciences.
Ambitions Ahira isn't sure he wants the headaches of command or having to make those tough decisions, but he definitely wants to advance his career.

But, it's not just about personal advancement, he is a perfectionist and wants to do everything to the best of his ability.

On a personal level, he would like to find someone he can love and who will love him. He'd even like to have a family.
Hobbies & Interests Ahira is a student of Llaekh-ae-rl a Romulan martial art that requires the user to root themselves to the ground and control their enemies' movements. He has been training in that since he was a young boy. More recently, in the last three years, he started to learn Kenjutsu when he was at the Academy

He likes poker, strategy games, cooking, free climbing, and he sketches and paints. He doesn’t really show his art around because it is rather dark.

He has a bonsai collection that he has created himself and working on those trees is his go-to stress reliever.

Personal History Isamu Kasamotto was an Imperial Starfleet Security Investigations officer, who had obtained the rank of Lieutenant. In 2336, he was sent to Darius 5, a rough-and-tumble planet on the edge of Empire and Alliance territories. It was known for its dilithium production and its “Wild West” atmosphere. They played both sides against each other to maintain some semblance of independence. He went there to check out a group known as the Family. The rumors were they were a younger, more nimble version of the Orion Syndicate.

He went undercover to discover if the rumors were true. He found out that they were. He tried to turn one of their leaders, but she turned him and they fell in love. Their first child, a son named Jen was born on June 11, 2339 Four years later on April 5, 2343, Ahira was born.

They were a group of thieves, cutthroats, con men, and pirates, and each member, there were about thirty in Medaille the planet’s capital. They all took a hand in raising Ahira They used, some would say exploited Ahira from an early age. They taught him how about con games and when he got good with that and turned a little older they took advantage of his small size and deceptive strength, for burglaries.

His father at least showed him some affection, but his mother was more caught up in expanding her own influence, wealth, and power than showing either of her sons love. Even among the Family, she was considered violent with loyalty only to herself and those who could help her accomplish her goals.

Ahira inherently knew two things from a very early age. First, what the Family was making him do, was wrong and he was being taken advantage of He resented that, because he knew he wasn’t really loved by his biological parent. Second, there was something different about him that went beyond his feelings about his role in the Family’s enterprise.

Later when he turned thirteen or fourteen and all of the other boys were talking about girls, bragging about their exploits, some real, some imagined, he realized he wasn’t interested in girls like they were

A week or two after he turned 15 he found another teen a year or two older than him that shared that same-sex attraction. They started out their relationship, after a chance meeting at the marketplace where they were both plying their not-so-legal trade, innocently enough as friends. But that soon blossomed into something more intimate. Ryan, a Terran, was slightly more experienced in such things than Ahira was, but it was definitely the missing part he had been looking for.

They began spending more and more time together sleeping together when they could. It wasn’t as much as their teenage hormones desired, but it was as much as they thought they could do without attracting too much of the wrong attention from the Family.

But one night when he was supposed to be a lookout for one of the Family jobs, he and Ryan were fooling around. The operation was poorly planned by his mother and would have been a failure anyway, but several members of the Family were captured. She blamed him for it.

She went looking for him and when she found them in bed with his lover, she killed him. Ahira had committed two cardinal and unpardonable sins First, Ryan was an outsider. Second, he’d put his personal needs over the needs of the Family. She killed Ryan in front of her son to serve as an example to him and the rest of the group, then shunned Ahira and literally kicked him into the streets to fend for himself with only the clothes on his back(which at the time weren't very much).

He did whatever he had to survive. That included pickpocketing second-story work, pulling con jobs, and at times, selling himself to men who liked younger boys.

Despite the hardships, he was able to save enough credits to buy himself a position on a ship that doubled as a merchant (though cargo wasn’t always legal)and bounty hunter ship. Over the next three years, he picked up a few new talents such as communications equipment, trauma care, and tracking as well as polishing his old skills like breaking and entering and running stings.

He tracked down a number of members of the Family while he was a bounty hunter and it was on one of those trips when he had tracked his mother down to Risa, only to have her escape after knifing him. The wound was both deep and serious and had it been much lower she would have made him a eunuch.

He was part of the crew of a vessel that while they engaged in some legitimate merchant and trade endeavors, but made most of their money through the smuggling of both cargo and people.

Like the planet most of the crew came from, they played off the Empire and Alliance forces. This worked for a while but were eventually caught by Imperial forces.

The Captian of the ISS Hawk could have killed the whole crew when the small. Raven Class ship was boarded, but since they were only smuggling latinum at the time and because Ahira had brought in some of the Family members(which had become a thorn in the Empire's side, the ship was given a reprieve and the crew was given the choice of serving the Empire or dying.

All but one of them chose fealty to the Empire over death. All the rest of the crew were given a six-month probationary period where they served on Empire ships under the scrutiny of Captains and their crews. Because Ahira was half-Romulan his probationary period was one year instead of six months.

In 2365, after basic training, he entered the Imperial Starfleet Warrant Officer school, where he took the Security track specializing in both investigations and close protection(bodyguard) services.

He graduated in the top ten percent of his class, though at first, it wasn't a sure thing he would even graduate at all. The first eight months he spent more time at parties than studying and more time in other cadets' beds than his own, but after almost getting kicked out, he settled down after that.

There were a few instances after that when he spoke his mind too much, and had to be corrected and there was one time when he and the Commandant of the Academy's son, with whom he was sleeping with stole the Commandant's Yacht. They saw it as a prank and a challenge and did bring it back. Rather than expelling them or worse the Commandant was more amused than irked and gave them less of a punishment than those who had been charged with protecting it. The two cadets had to spend two months polishing the floors of the Academy, the old-fashioned way, by hand.

The security officers guarding the vessel were demoted and sent to ships on the Empire/Alliance border.

Ahira's first assignment was on board the ISS Raptor where he served as the XO's bodyguard. Things went well until the Raptor was attacked and boarded by Alliance forces. When the Alliance forces reached the bridge Ahira jumped in front of Mitchell, the XO, and took a phaser blast meant for the XO.

Ahira was severely wounded and almost died, but survived. Because of his bravery and sacrifice, the XO put in for a promotion for him. This backfired in a way for the XO(but not Ahira)because the Vengeance needed someone with his devotion to duty. His half-Romulan heritage no longer called that into question.
Service Record 2364-2365 Probationary/Evaluation Year
2365-2367 Imperial Starfleet Warrant Officer Security Training School
2367-2371 ISS Raptor
2371-Present-ISS Vengeance