The Sim

In the year 2364, several ship plans and specifications were acquired from the Prime Universe during an accidental crossover event on Terra. This event has been highly classified by the Admiralty of the Imperial Starfleet, who have passed off these advances as discoveries of Imperial scientists. Among the most noteworthy plans were the Akira Class and the Intrepid Class.

Projects were initiated with the goal of perfecting the designs in practice. After the ISS Intrepid was constructed and put to the test with successful results, the fleet yards started immediate work on the ISS Vengeance, the second ship in the line. Considerable modifications had been made to the shield and weapons systems of the Intrepid Including the addition of a cloaking device, and over ten new energy weapons. The result, though lacking the streamlined and smart look of the Prime Universe Intrepid Class, had become a tough warship ready for the fight against the Alliance.

In the year 2371, the ISS Vengeance launched from the Mars Fleet Yards and was commanded on a lengthy shakedown by the vessels Executive Officer, Commander Cyrus Cain. The ship met expectations and returned to spacedock to receive her full crew complement and be prepared for her official launch. Meanwhile, on Terok Nor above Bajor, the Rebellion was in full swing within the Alliance. This change meant a great weakening of the Empire’s greatest enemy and a new opportunity to reconquer their lost territory while the Alliance’s back was turned. The Vengeance was expected to be put on the front lines straight away, but was set aside for a separate, more sensitive mission once Ivan Petrov was given command. The Vengeance, with its new captain and crew, was tasked with traveling deep into Cardassian space under cloak to detonate a bio-weapon on the planet Quonor, a major military installation for the Alliance. While traveling through the Badlands, however, an event occurred which would transform the lives of the Vengeance crew forever.