As a member of Sim Central, all rules in effect within this organization also apply to the ISS Vengeance. Here is a link to the Sim Central Rules Page:

Sim Core Values
Characterization - Creating and writing dynamic characters that make sense in the context of the story

Talented Writing - Crafting creative and detailed posts that immerse the reader in the story

Respect - Building a cooperative community whose members love to write and love to do it together


Original Characters - Characters should be the original creations of the players who write them and not characters created by others, be they show runners on Star Trek or characters you’ve seen written by others in the past. This is about continuity and respect.

Dynamic Characters - Characters should be colorful and unique, not bland and undetailed. Readers don’t want to read about an everyman with no discernable personality. Write a character with depth and detail.

Realistic Characters - Characters should adhere to the internal rules of the Universe as imagined on this sim. The Game Managers will be the arbiters of this and all characterization standards in the application process. Players should also avoid using OOC knowledge to give their characters access to information they wouldn’t have IC. They are also encouraged to stick to their character's biographies and avoid spontaneously generating new skills or talents to solve a crisis or give their character an edge.

Talented Writing
Creative Posts - Writers should put energy and inventiveness into their writing and look to engage their readers. Writer's block happens and not every post can be as engaging as the last, but everyone should make an attempt to strike the imagination and understanding of our readers.

Detailed Posts - Posts should be detailed and designed to express the many aspects of a dynamic scene. Players should seek to make their characters' thoughts and feelings clear as well as to explain their actions, motivations and surroundings. One sentence responses to posts should be very rare. Writing with each other is better with effort and detail.

Purposeful Posts - Posts should have a point and a goal that changes characters and circumstances a bit. They should not be excuses to indulge our personal bloodlusts or regular lusts. The rating of this sim sets the standard for adult content. Please adhere to them in order to keep the story contextual and character driven, rather than personal.

Sim Rating: 323 (18+)
3 - Language - Swearing and mature language is permitted
2 - Sexual Content - Sexual content is permitted within the limits of characterization needs. Lean away from describing sexual acts in detail
3 - Violence - Explicit violence is permitted

Active Participation - Players should answer tags in a timely fashion and avoid keeping others waiting. Especially in large group posts, players taking a long time to tag back can cause massive delays that slow down the entire sim. Players should try to post at least once every two weeks, be they individual posts or joint posts. Anyone who cannot do that is welcome to take a leave of absence.

No Rudeness - Players should speak respectfully to other players and respect their boundaries. Rudeness erodes our sense of community and spoils the fun. Be nice, please.

No Harassment - Making other players feel unsafe is completely unacceptable. Doing this may result in immediate termination from the sim.

Additional Rules
The main characters of this sim are members of the crew of the ISS Vengeance. Any npc's from other manifests or areas of the Vengeance Fleet will need to be approved by the GM and may be unavailable in order to maintain sim focus.

Stories written as part of our storylines are property of the ISS Vengeance Sim. No single writer can exercise copyright over anything but their own individual characters.

ISS Vengeance is based on an ensemble cast of characters where individual writers control multiple characters. Initially new writers will be limited to a primary character and two secondary characters (assigned to non-senior posts). This limit will be increased based on demonstrated activity, story needs, and writing capability. All secondary characters must be approved by the GM.

Rules Credit: Endia (1/5/22)